Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ruffles...Ruffles....and more Ruffles!

Yes, I DARE YOU TO IGNORE ME, this weeks title to
what is vital fashion information ladies! But first, let me
introduce myself. My name is Amanda Brand, I'm a real romantic and so excited!

2010 Spring / Summer Fashion is all about layer upon layer of soft flowing Ruffles! I must say, this excitement is a very welcome change! I'm dreaming pearl accessories, layered skirts, big thick bangles ...not to mention big floppy Summer hats! It makes me nearly smell those beautiful peach blossoms after the first Spring rain!

I guess I'm also a big flirt, while a lot of skin always makes heads turn, the image of a well dressed Lady is nearly what I call male branding and what keeps Wedding Coordinators in business! So...lets get down to business, timing is of the essence! If you are anything like me, you would gobble up the information and dive right in!

I have discovered a supplier aboard with the most fantastic Fashion connections! Please feel free to check out my website
I am expanding our product line on a daily basis! What do you like? Are you a romantic too? Can you picture yourself in ruffles this Spring? I would love to hear from you!

To welcome you I would love to offer the first 50 friends 20% discount on the purchase of any 2 items or more! Your discount coupon # will be emailed to you with your response blog.

I hope you enjoyed my first blogging attempt, I guess being a good writer has little to do with it, making friends and communicating the needs and dreams of others is what really counts! Not to mention the HUGE bonus of making friends along the way, especially since our world has become such a high tech environment. I look forward to hearing form you!

Till next time!

With Love and Blessings!
Amanda Brand


  1. G'day Amanda i enjoyed reading your first blog, and i wouldn't dare ignore you, how could i ignore a big flirt wearing ruffles lol i'm going now 2 check out

  2. YAYAYA Congrats on your first blog! Love it, you are such a great writer!!! Love you! xoxox

  3. This is too cute, welcome to the blogging world. Look forward to reading and shopping!